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Stefan Odobleja
Precursor of cybernetics  
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Stefan Odobleja (1902 - 1978), is the author of a remarkable work - Psyhologie consonantiste , Librairie Maloine, vol.I, 1938; col. II, 1939 -, considered to be one of the forerunners of the present - day cybernetics and the founder of a general cybernetics as a theory of the laws of consonance between the sciences. Essentially, this is an original work of the foundations of a science consist of establishing its logical concepts, their geometrical model, their definition and classification, establishing their common laws.

The consonantiste psyhology and the present-day cybernetics are different not only by generality. The latter is the outcome of a neopozitivist foundation of sciences, which is algebrical, symbolical and logico - mathematical, while the consonantiste psyhologie is geometrical, figurative an logico - classical. On the basis of the latters Odobleja tried to develop a logic called "the logic of resonance", that is a logic of the common substratum, in resonance or consonance with the conceptual contest of sciences.

Unlike the formalist - symbolic orientation of the contemporary logicians, Odobleja considers thinking in development, as a psychological process belonging to humans activity in general and to the scientifical one in particular. His logic does not apply to the forms of thinking already set, but to their becoming. Thus in Odobleja's opinion, the mechanization of thinking does not imply a device for reproduction thought already conceived but a device for effective reasoning , for producing thought. According to Odobleja, there is a creative artificial thinking which implies, similarly to the consonance laws of sciences, a geometrical positioning in space of the results of thinking, their physical (cinematical and dynamical) modelizing, and finally a mechanization of these processes. Each of these phases has its own counterpart in the real of logic, i.e.: geometrical logic, cinematical logic, dynamical logic and mechanical logic.

This was a vast project, which Odobleja had no time to accomplish. But he left us a bulky manuscript, about 15.000 pages, with a lot of notes, drawings, sketches and a few pages to be published.

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